"I think we’re all on the same page. We still get excited by it and I think that that hasn’t tarnished in 10 years. And I remember getting the last script of season 9, the season finale, and I got all giddy about it. I was excited to see what happens in season 10. I think as long as there’s that fulfillment, that enjoyment, that excitement, then, yeah, we will keep going, as long as people are hanging in with us and are still entertained. We love these stories."

—Jensen Ackles at the TCA Panel today (via spncastdaily)
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AU - Billie Piper As The Doctor & Matt Smith As The Companion → requested by anons

└ John Smith has a rather colourful dream.

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Save Rock and Roll (insp. x)

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Logan and Veronica Appreciation Week

Day 7 Favorite Favorite AU: Logan and Veronica have children

Veronica works a case that requires her and Logan to be away from home. Not trusting their youngest daughter, Sophia, with their son, James, and because their eldest daughter, Charlotte, is away at college Logan is forced to entertain the 11 year old in the hotel room.

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We might.
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So I exhaust myself in prep to make sure I covered my ass as much as possible so that I am available to be a perfomer

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